Sweet 16 Tournament of Books

POD 3 at Alternative Paths Training School, Alexandria participated in a Sweet 16 Tournament of Books last month.  Sixteen early literacy books were chosen by teachers and our reading specialist to start off the competition. Some were childhood favorites such as Where the Wild Things Are, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs. Since POD 3 is the elementary POD at APTS early literacy books were the only type of book included for this tournament.

Round one started with all sixteen books. There were eight sets of two books that the students read and then voted on which book they wanted to advance in the competition. In the first round there were many books written by the same author that were competing. This includes The Three Little Pigs vs. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and If you Take a Mouse to School vs. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie. During this round teachers connected the books to language arts lessons. The students compared and contrasted books using a Venn diagram.  Also, in room 3-114 the students took accelerated reader tests to collect points. Once the class collected enough points they had a pizza party!


Making reading fun promotes literacy development in students. POD 3 took it one step further by using the stories to promote social skills.  The students in room 3-117 were paired with the students in 3-110 to have a reading buddy. Older students from 3-117 enjoyed reading the books to the younger students in 3-110. Each week the older students were encouraged to facilitate a discussion with the younger students about the books before voting with them.  The final round in the tournament was Ruby the Copycat vs. If you Take a Mouse to School. By only four votes, Ruby the Copycat won the tournament! Check out all of the books and the rounds they advanced in the hallway connecting POD 3 and 4. The students had a great experience during this exciting lesson!

Ms. Glaser is a Special Education Teacher at the Alexandria APTS campus. She graduated with a degree in Educational Psychology from George Mason University and is in the process of completing her Masters in Special Education.  Her passion for improving quality education has made her a truly dedicated teacher for the past 10 years. Most of her experience comes from early intervention in early childhood special education. However, she has been loving the switch to her elementary classroom at APTS. Outside of work, Ms. Glaser enjoys the outdoors, spending time with family, Zumba, and writing.